Bec Pham.

welcome to my little corner of the internet.

about me:

  • i’m an aussie, braised (born and raised) in sydney. recently moved to sf / bay area.
  • founding team member of a venture-backed AI startup, strong compute.
  • specialise in startup operations, corporate structures for growth, building junior technical teams and getting first users.
  • used to run accelerator + incubator programs out of institutions and organisations to support founders & researchers.
  • i like helping founders where i can (intros+advice), being beta tester/user of new cool products (i now do near zero driving thanks to waymo & tesla FSD). let’s grab a coffee if you’re doing something interesting where i can be helpful.
  • competitive oztag athlete, represented australia to win gold at 2023 world cup.
  • spend lots of time building no-code/low-code products to streamline my life.
  • i enjoy k-dramas, cafe chills, comedy and being outdoors.
  • cat mum to two boys; theo & mochi.
let's chat: bec at rebeccapham dot com (not real button)